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3D Wallpapers

Agda Graphics - Collection of fantasy and surreal landscapes, generated in Bryce, Poser and Lightwave.

Alienfish Graphics - Landscape and abstract wallpapers and requires no membership or subscription.

Cathyland Desktops - Original 3D wallpaper that include fractal, digital photos and abstract art to choose from in three popular sizes. - A collection of 3d rendered pictures for usage as desktop wallpaper.

Collection of wallpapers - Wallpapers collected from various sources rendered at 1024 x 768 resolution.

3D Mindscape - Source for original hi-res 3D wallpapers including abstract, sci-fi, fantasy, and scenic. Free gallery and members only.

3D Poetry - Containing digitally rendered fantasy scenes and landscapes.

3d Wallpaper - Skrivbordsbilder - 3D rendered desktop wallpaper of fantasy and surreal.

3D Wallpaper Free - More than 200 3-D wallpaper in different designs are available to liven up your computer's desktop. Wallpapers generated with Bryce and Terragen for PC or Mac, all free

3D Wallpaper World - Contains free and original 3D rendered images for use as computer wallpaper categories included landscape, fantasy, sci-fi and several others. - 3d wallpaper pictures download for free. These high quality desktop images have image sizes from 800x600 over 1024x768 up to 1600x1200 pixel. Use them as background pictures.

Digital Blasphemy - Provides Hi-res original 3d-rendered computer desktop wallpapers images by Ryan Bliss. Both free and membership galleries are offered.

Digital By Nature - Free 3D-rendered wallpapers that can be used as desktop wallpaper for personal use only. Site constantly updated.

Digital Meltdown - A quality selection of 3D texture wallpaper both full size and tiles. Also a special Desktop Customisation section with unique wallpaper for the discerning windows user.

Digital Prospect - 3d rendered images for desktop wallpaper in 1024x768 resolution.

Digital Supernova - Collected works of 3D art that can be used as desktop wallpaper, by Eric Shelton. - A collections of high-resolution 3D wallpapers by Charles Ragucci, that are sized for 1024x768, 800x600, and 640x480 resolution.

EricArt Wallpaper - Free 3d digital art wallpaper gallery, designed by EricArt

Free Nature - A collection of free nature wallpaper and screensavers including waterfalls, sunsets, and mountains. - Collection of 3D art by Sean Niemeyer designed for use as desktop wallpaper.

Image-in-air3D - Wallpapers 3D, gallery of artists's works, objects and textures 3D.

Inreality - Original 3D desktop wallpapers in several categories. Three different formats to accommodate most PCs and Mac monitor sizes.

John E. Stith Wallpaper - Several free 3D science fiction wallpaper or download.

KaleidoMagic Software - Free wallpapers and screen savers of 3D kaleidoscopes. 3D rendered at 1024x768 and 800x600 pixels resolution.

Kruz Graphics - Original 3D wallpaper in 800x600 size. - 3D wallpaper collection with more than 60 free for download, rendered in Bryce 3D or Bryce 4.

Overnight Original Wallpapers - Original wallpapers with 2D and 3D drawings to enhance your desktop. - Sky, water, and space 3D wallpaper.

Prismatic Labs - Free wallpaper, software, and buddy icons.

Railz - Creative 3D desktop wallpaper in three categories of landscapes, 3D art and fractals, also a user gallery. Wallpaper available in five popular sizes.

Reality's Free Windows Wallpapers - Free Windows wallpapers for your desktop background. Made using 3D raytracing and photography.

Shifted Reality Digital Art - Original 3d rendered images for use as free desktop wallpaper.

Shooting Star Graphix - Offers free 3D wallpapers created using Bryce, 3DS Max, and Poser. All images are original and available in resolutions of 800x600, 1024x768, and 1280x1024.

Simple Artist 3d Wallpaper - Hi-res 3D rendered computer desktop images, wallpapers, 3D graphics and Screen Savers. As well as high, detail posters for sale.

TWS 3D Wallpapers - Exceptional free wallpapers made with Bryce, Poser, Terragen and Photoshop.

Vander Web - Offers 3d screensavers and desktop wallpaper for free download.

Viper Studios - Custom 3d computer graphics, free wallpaper images, and gallery.

Visions Of Dreams - 3D images for personal use as desktop wallpaper many resolutions to chosen from. Detailed descriptions accompany each image. All images created and rendered by Shamoon Siddiqui. As well as, tutorials for Bryce and Poser.

Visual Paradox Wallpaper - Quality 3D wallpapers that are updated weekly. This site also offers very clear instructions on how to use the wallpapers for both Windows 95/98 and Macintosh 8.5+ users.

WaveFormula - High quality 3D digital wallpaper for your Windows or Mac. - Original graphics including free 3D desktop wallpaper and e-cards.

Xitro Design - Free 3D wallpapers graphics and designs.

Amazing Terrains - A collection of Computer Generated art by Michele Parry using Terragen and Bryce. All images are free to download and make great desktop wallpaper. Wallpaper comes in 800x600 and 1024x768.

Computer Wallpaper - Free 3d computer wallpaper for your desktop.

Conqueror Designs 3D Wallpapers - Gallery of fantasy images created using Bryce, Ray Dream Studio, Poser, 3D Studio Max and Photoshop.

Inreality - Desktop 3D wallpapers, in three different formats to accommodate most Windows and Mac monitor sizes.

Mike - Collection designed around various 3D-rendered surreal desktop pictures. Free image galleries as well as additional image galleries available to those who purchase memberships.

NoMadicFuture Graphics - High-quality 3D wallpapers made in 1152x864 resolution.

OmniTek Designs - Offers landscape, fantasy, and abstract art for use as desktop wallpaper.

Planet-3D - Original 3D rendered images for use as computer wallpaper which were created by Phillip Easton.

The Rendering Engine - 3d wallpaper from other worlds and altered reality, sizes include 800x600 and 1280x960.

Shifted Reality - 3D rendered images for use as free desktop wallpapers.

Shineout Graphics - 3D rendered images and fractals for use as free desktop wallpapers. All graphics are in JPG format.

0waldo - Offers 3D geometric wallpaper art. [Java Required]

Wallpapers - by Tad - 3D wallpapers is sizes of 1024 X 768, and 800 X 600 created by Tad Mazik.

Webweaver 21st Century HTML - 3D-rendered dreamlike images suitable for wallpaper in 640x480 and 800x600 formats.

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